Copenhagen – Top 5 things to do!

My boyfriend  has wanted to go to Copenhagen for such a long time and as he turned 30 in May, we decided to make this our year to finally visit!

My mum actually bought us plane tickets as a Christmas present & we only had to find a hotel. Which definitely helped us with our budget! First thing I would recommend is our hotel. We found a great deal online and stayed at Hotel Danmark.


If your planning a trip to Copenhagen I would 100% recommend this hotel! It sits only 5 minutes from the Royal Palace & Tivoli Gardens, its rooftop bar has views of the town hall and Tivoli too!


Not only was it in the perfect place for exploring the city with ease, the interiors were stunning & the breakfast buffet was amazing (below). They even offered a free glass of wine for guests between 5pm & 6pm!


I could talk about all the amazing things we did on this trip for hours, but like all my previous trips, I’ve narrowed it down to 5 things/places that I would recommend to anyone planning a trip to Denmark!

Tivoli Gardens

This stunning gardens / amusement park has been in the centre of Copenhagen since 1843 and has often been referred to as ‘the original Disney world’. Rumour has it that this is where Walt Disney got his idea for his own park.


Tivoli has different areas which are themed & there are lots of references to Hans Christian Anderson stories throughout the park. (Little Mermaid, Ugly Duckling, Princess & the Pea, Emperors New Clothes ect)


The entry to the park is included on a Copenhagen Card & you will only need to pay a little more to use the rides. I have lots more pictures of this stunning place, but I’m going to make this a separate post to show them off properly!


Out of all the prettiest streets in Copenhagen, this one has to be one of the best. This canal / waterfront has retained all its charm since the 17th century and was beautiful to see in real life. (my pictures really don’t do it justice!)


You can get boat rides around the city from this spot, or like us, you can just enjoy it on foot!



While looking into the best places to visit & eat while we were in Denmark, the district of Norrebro was one that kept cropping up!


After visiting ourselves, I know why! This area (specifically Blagardsgade & Norrebrogade) is filled with independent cafes, restaurants, boutique shops, tattooists and art galleries. Its similar to Manchester’s Northern Quarter, but times that by 10.


This was where we ate on our second night & managed to get ourselves a table at Baest.


This stunning restaurant has been voted one of the top ten pizzerias in the world & it was 100% better than we even thought it could be!


Botanical Gardens

I appreciate this might be a seasonal thing, but the Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen is beyond beautiful.


They have a stunning Palm House & conservatories which you can explore. But my favourite part was just relaxing in the sun.


Also, drinking in the park/outside isn’t seen as tacky in Denmark, like it is in the UK. In fact, many locals take drinks to the gardens & enjoy themselves! So, of course we joined in! If the weathers nice, this place is a must!

Church of our Saviour

Whether Churches are your thing or not, you cant deny the sheer beauty of this building. It also has one of the best views of the city! This churches tower / spire can be climbed and there is a stunning balcony with amazing views.


This is probably for the brave hearted. The wooden staircase isn’t the easiest to climb and my boyfriend did struggle feeling safe when we reached the top! But if your in Christianshavn (visiting free-town Christiana) then its definitely worth a stop!


Tips & Tricks for planning your Copenhagen get-away

  • Copenhagen Card – This 24/48 or 72 hour pass varies in prices, but whichever length of time you choose, will allow you entry to almost all tourist attractions (Tivoli, Carlsberg Brewery, churches etc) and any public transport. (bus, train, Metro) This saved us lots of time & money. You can pick up your pass at the Airport & get the shuttle train straight into Central Copenhagen. All transport is then covered, for as long as your pass is active!
  • Use the Metro & Trains as much as you can! They are quick, clean & always on time. We wouldn’t have been able to see as many things in our short trip without using them!
  • Drinking outside – most locals will grab some beers & head to the canals or parks after work. This isn’t frowned upon like it is in the UK & everyone is relaxed & enjoying the weather. So, if your on a budget & fancy a couple of afternoon drinks, get yourself to a supermarket and relax like the locals!
  • Get your head around the money! Danish Krone is a little confusing when converted from pound & it would be easy to find yourself paying lots for something which isn’t worth it. I would use my phone to figure out exact costs whenever I wasn’t sure, its definitely worth doing!






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