Arndale Food Market

Over the past couple of years, lots of amazing food spots like Mackie Mayor & Grub MCR have popped up. They have been on the Instagrams of everyone & anyone. But, there is one amazing foodie spot which never gets the credit it deserves.

The Arndale Food Market is one of the forgotten spots of this iconic shopping centre. It is becoming an exciting place to get authentic, fresh and original food. I have talked about the infamous Viet Shack & Fusion Lab a couple of times on my blog already, but they are starting to get some very good competition.

Over the past year or so, more & more stalls have cropped up around the market. Offering authentic Mexican, Caribbean, Turkish & even Vietnamese cuisine.

Lots of people in the city centre know this place well, as this is a hotspot for workers who want to grab a cheap & quick lunch during the week. But this place deserves so much more love than that! One of my firm favourites has to be Fusion Lab.


They offer amazing Vietnamese food with a Mancunian twist. From their Ramen & chicken wings to their Bao & Hallumi fries, there isn’t a dish I’ve tried and not loved!


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